Aaron Levy

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Slought Foundation

Aaron Levy is the Executive Director of the Slought Foundation
(Sloughtfoundation.org, 2002-), a Philadelphia-based cultural
organization that operates at the intersection of art, advocacy, and
social theory and develops new models for public conversation.

As its Chief Curator, he has overseen a series of initiatives
including Into the Open (Labiennale.us, 2008, with William Menking and
Andy Sturm), the official U.S. representation at La Biennale di
Venezia, which recovered American histories of architectural
experimentation and community activism, and the Perpetual Peace
Project (Perpetualpeaceproject.org, 2010-, with Martin Rauchbauer and
Gregg Lambert) which explores contemporary understandings of peace and
conflict through partnerships with the European Union National
Institutes of Culture, the International Peace Institute, Syracuse
University Humanities Center, and other institutions.  This long-term
project has included installations at the New Museum and Haverford
College; a symposium with philosophers and statesmen at the
International Peace Institute, United Nations Plaza; a documentary
film and series of publications; and workshops on peace which Levy
conducted with students in Lahore, Pakistan in September 2010 as a
United States Cultural Envoy.

Levy lectures in the Departments of English and the History of Art at
the University of Pennsylvania, and has authored numerous publications
including Architecture on Display (Architectural Association, 2010,
with William Menking), and Evasions of Power: On the Architecture of
Adjustment (Slought Fdn, 2011, with Katherine Carl and Srdjan
Jovanovic Weiss).  “Towards a Politics of Evasiveness,” a May 2011
op-ed for Domus magazine, is available online:

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