Rafal Rohozinski

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Rafal Rohozinski is one of Canada’s thought leaders in the field of cybersecurity and Internet freedom. He is the founder  and CEO  of the Secdev Group and Psiphon inc. His work  spans two decades and 37 countries  including conflict zones in the CIS, the Middle East, and Africa.  In 2010 Rafal  was named by SC  magazine as one of the top five IT security luminaries of the year;  and  “a person to watch” by  the Canadian media.  He  is known for his work on cyber espionage, including coauthorship of the Tracking GhostNet,  and Shadows in the Cloud  and Kookface studies examining Chinese cyber espionage networks  and global cybercrime. Rafal  is a senior scholar at  the Canada Center for Global Security Studies, Munk School of Global Affairs,  University of Toronto,  and previously served as director of the Advanced Network Research Group, Cambridge Security Program,  University of Cambridge. He is a senior research advisor to the Citizen Lab, and together with Ronald Deibert, a founder and principal investigator of the Information Warfare Monitor and the Open Net Initiative. 

Rafal is the author of numerous academic and policy papers. His recent publications include, “Stuxnet and  the Future of Cyberwar ” (Survival, IISS, 2011),  “Liberation vs. Control: The Future of Cyberspace (Journal of Democracy, 2010), “New Media and the Warfighter” and, “Strategic utility of cyberspace operations” (US Army War College), and “Risking Security: Policies and Paradoxes of Cyberspace Security” (International Political Sociology, 2010).  His is also a lead  editor and contributor to Access Denied: the practice and policy of global Internet filtering (MIT, 2009) and Access  Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (MIT 2010). His forthcoming book (co_authored with Ron Deibert), Ghost in the Machine: The Battle for the Future of Cyberspace,  will be published by McClelland and Stewart in early 2012.

Rafal’s  commercial ventures are active across the spectrum of cyberspace.  The Secdev Group  provides clients in the governments and commercial space with intelligence, toolsets, and investigations that inform policy and address risk in the information age.  Psiphon inc is a leading content delivery network –  cyber-casting  content for Voice of America, Radio Farda, Radio Free Asia and the BBC  into areas and regions where these broadcasts are censored or blocked. The Secdev Foundation – a Canadian non-for- profit –  provides support and advanced research capabilities to university, public research and advocacy efforts aimed at preserving the global commons of cyberspace.

Rafal’s  work and  research frequently appears in such publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Guardian,  and  he has appeared  as a commentator on the BBC World Service, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CNN, and other international media.

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