Pablo Idahosa

May 19, 2011 Comments Off on Pablo Idahosa

York University

Pablo Idahosa  is a Professor in the Division of Social Science at York University, where he also directs  the African Studies Program, and teaches development Studies.    He has written on development ethics, African political thought, the politics of ethnicity, and globalization and development.  He is Author of the Populist Dimension of African Political Thought,  co-editor of  The Somali Diaspora and co-editor, with Peter Vandergeest and Pablo Bose,  of  the forthcoming Development’s Displacements. He is currently researching the relationship between ethnicity and displacement in Nigeria, and co-writing a work  on the relationship between development and modernity in Africa. Among his  ongoing research interests is the relationships between development and Cultural production in Africa, and the politics of AIDS in Africa. He is currently on the executive of the International Development Ethics Association, and among his future research projects is the History of Social Welfare in Africa.

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