John Hunter

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Teacher and Educational Consultant

A native Virginian and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, John Hunter is an award-winning gifted teacher and educational consultant who has dedicated his life to helping children realize their full potential. Employing his background as a musician composer and filmmaker during a three-decade career as a teacher, Hunter has combined his gifted teaching and artistic talents to develop unique teaching programs using multimedia software programs in creative writing and film courses.

During his university years, he traveled and studied comparative religions and philosophy throughout Japan, India and China. It was while in India, the cradle of gandhian thought, Hunter, intrigued by the principles of non-violence, began to think of how his profession might contribute to peace in the world.

Knowing that ignoring violence would not make it go away, how could he teach peace in an often-violent world? Accepting the reality of violence, he would seek to incorporate ways to explore harmony in various situations. This exploration would take form in the framework of a game – something that students would enjoy. Within the game data space, they would be challenged, while enhancing collaborative and communication skills.

In 1978, at the Richmond Community High School, Hunter led the first sessions of his World Peace Game. Over time, in a synchronous unfolding with the growing global focus on increasingly complex social and political conditions, the game has gained new impetus. As Hunter succinctly explains, “The World Peace Game is about learning to live and work comfortably in the unknown.”

Notable Awards and Recognition


TED2011 Conference Speaker


Center for Global Initiatives Fellow, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

Phi Delta Kappa Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award


Red Apple Award Winner for Innovation in Education, Charlottesville Business Innovation Council


Philip Merrill Master Teacher Mentor, The University of Maryland


Outstanding Teacher of the Year Grant, Metro Richmond Foundation


Inaugural Ellen Bayard Weedon Foundation Asian Teacher-Scholar, University of Virginia Center for the Liberal Arts

Chris Farina

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Chris Farina was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, near the setting of his first award-winning documentary film, Route 40.  This was a portrait of the roadside community along Pulaski Highway, a five mile stretch of urban highway in east Baltimore.  His second film, West Main Street, continued this interest in roadside settings, exploring the Main Street community of Charlottesville, Virginia, where Farina moved for his undergraduate education at the University of Virginia, and still resides.  Both independently-produced films portray people living and/or working in familiar American settings that receive little media attention.  Each is guided by the principle of respect for the individuals portrayed, allowing them to tell the story of their lives and their community.  His current film, World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements, had its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and has garnered awards at several film festivals, including the Best Film-Audience Award at its international premiere at the Bergen International Film Festival in Bergen, Norway.  This film portrays John Hunter, a 4th-grade public school teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia, creator of the World Peace Game.  While still early in the distribution phase, the film has already been broadcast on television in Israel and South Korea, and will be distributed widely throughout educational institutions in Norway and Estonia.  Presently he is negotiating offers for US broadcast.  His hope is to achieve international educational exposure to John Hunter’s wonderful work with children, particularly with the mission of inspiring and teaching young and future educators.  For more information, please visit


Michael Udris

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Michael Udris is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Modern Culture and Media department at Brown University. Michael Udris and his brother David Udris are the principal designers and owners of Udris Film. They produce feature documentaries and commercial projects. Their work has screened internationally at film festivals, in museums, and on television. They collaborated with James Der Derian on the documentaries Human Terrain and and After 9/11. After 9/11 aired on Link TV and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt, Germany. Their work has also appeared in publications from Rolling Stone and Art in America to the Washington Post. They are joined by a team of designers and production personnel from diverse backgrounds, including film and broadcast production, web, and multimedia design.

Peter Mettler

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Emerging as part of the critical wave of 80’s Canadian filmmakers, Peter Mettler melds intuitive-associative processes with drama, essay, experiment or documentation with films that elude categorization. His films hold a unique and influential position in creative expression not only in film but also in new art forms where cinema and other disciplines merge.

Additional artistic activities include a wide range of ongoing engagements in music, dance and photography. Over the years Mettler has presented photographic gallery exhibitions in Europe and Canada. More recently he has been experimenting with live sound and image mixing performances with a diversity of musical artists in an extremity of locales ranging from radio theatres to dance clubs and wilderness locations.

Based both in Switzerland and Canada, Mettler is a strong supporter of independent creativity, having collaborated with numerous filmmakers, artists and musicians such as Werner Penzel, Michael Ondaatje, Atom Egoyan, Peter Weber, Fred Frith, Jim O’Rourke, Alexandra Rockingham Gill, Robert Lepage, Andreas Züst, Bruce McDonald, Patricia Rozema, Andrea Nann, Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal and many others.

A book on his work entitled Making the Invisible Visible was published in 1995 and another entitled, Of This Place and Elsewhere, The Films and Photography of Peter Mettler‚ by Jerry White was published in 2006 as a retrospective film and photography edition by the Toronto International Film Festival.

Mettler’s films have garnered many prizes and been the focus of several retrospectives internationally.

Nadav Greenberg

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Outreach and Programming Coordinator, Just Vision

“When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you can either follow the news and listen to the leaders and lose hope, or you can look to the people working on the ground and be lifted up by their courage, creativity and resilience. I believe in the work we do at Just Vision because it makes it possible to look to those people.”
Outreach and Programming Coordinator

Nadav is the Outreach and Media Associate at Just Vision, coordinating and managing screenings, workshops and other events throughout the US and internationally, and serving as a liaison to communities and educators who wish to learn more about Just Vision’s work.

Nadav grew up in Israel, and received his B.A. with honors from Harvard University after completing his service in the Israeli Army. At Harvard, his studies focused on the intersection between politics and popular culture. He wrote his senior thesis on contemporary Israeli cinema, and the ways in which it reflects trends in modern Israeli society. During this time, Nadav also produced a short documentary film, Comfort Food,which explored the role of hummus in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Nadav has also been involved extensively in conflict resolution efforts and human rights work. He is an active graduate of Seeds of Peace, an organization devoted to bringing together youth from areas of conflict, and has organized and participated in multiple joint Israeli-Palestinian activities in Israel and in the West Bank. In the summer of 2008, he received a grant from Harvard University to intern as a researcher and fieldworker with Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organization that assists Palestinians in ensuring that the rule of law is maintained by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank. He has also edited and written sections for several travel guidebooks from the Let’s Go series, including the historical, political and cultural introductions in Let’s Go: Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Budrus Awards

  • Winner Panorama Audience Award Second Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, 2010
  • Winner, Special Jury Mention, Tribeca Film Festival, 2010

Film Festivals (selected)

  • Dubai International Film Festival, 2009
  • Berlin International Film Festival, 2010
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2010
  • Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (London), 2010
  • Tribeca Film Festival, 2010
  • Hot Docs, 2010
  • San Francisco International Film Festival, 2010
  • Silverdocs, 2010